Seminars and Workshops

Write NOW!

Get something on the page

Paralyzed by self ­doubt, conflicting priorities, and inexperience, writers often struggle to complete projects. Millions of ideas bubble up, but writers either fail to capture them on the page, send out work prematurely, or finish draft one and
tuck it away forever.


All writers have ideas, most write, many struggle to finish. Write NOW! ignites the passion to create. Participants will gain the courage to finally identify as writers. Together, we gather resources, set goals, smash through barriers, and write!

● Where do I start?
● What should I write about?
● How will I know when my script is ready?

This interactive workshop is for writers of all skill levels and a beneficial activity for churches in the beginning stages of forming a playwriting ministry or seeking to encourage members to write scripts for use as sermon illustrations, advertisements, or to initiate conversations.

The world is ripe for quality scripts and productions.

Let’s get started… Write NOW!


Start Writing Your Life Stories

Friends, coworkers, family, strangers…

Join writers of all levels to draft your personal story.  Using a gentle step-by-step process, participants will go from blank page to completed story.

This interactive event will explore memoir themes and tools to inspire everyone to write their life stories. Participants will also have an opportunity to share their story and receive encouraging feedback.  

This adaptable 30-75 minute workshop is an engaging event for house parties, family reunions, retreats, workplace team building events.  

Bring your favorite pen and journal, or a charged laptop, and let’s get to work!

Isn’t it time you started writing your memoir?

Create Your Best Life!

Develop a plan to reach your goals

A seminar just for you.

If you woke up tomorrow and your life was exactly the way you want it, what would be different?

Join with others to create a plan to reach your professional and personal goals.

  • Discover your passions

  • Set realistic goals

  • Take action

Leave feeling inspired and equipped.

Isn’t it time to… Create Your Best Life!

My Write Mind

Write To Heal

A story shared is a burden lifted.

An open writing and sharing group.

Together we read and discuss an inspirational story or article.  Attendees then write their own personal stories or essay responses, then share their pieces with the group and receive a one word response from each of the other attendees.


Smashing Writer’s Block

Creatives Unite

A group collaboration experience to create a story, song or script